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Bioderma - Photoderm Pediatrics Kids Spray Spf50+ | 200ml

Bioderma - Photoderm Pediatrics Kids Spray Spf50+ | 200ml

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Spray with triple dermatological sun protection thanks to the patented SUN BARRIER TECHNOLOGY.

- Broad spectrum. Optimised and reinforced UV filtration against UVA rays.
- Reinforces the skin's barrier function with apricot kernel oil and biomimetic lipids.
- Antioxidant protection. Contains vitamin E. 77% antioxidant protection.
Proven efficacy

- Resistant to water, sand and sweat 

- No greasy effect - High tolerance 

- Non-comedogenic 

- Fragrance-free 

- WET SKIN application

- Suitable for the most delicate and atopic skins - From 12 months onwards


MULTI-RESISTANT: Water, heat, humidity, sand, sweat

EASY APPLICATION: rapid absorption, on wet or dry skin, non-sticky, non-greasy, fragrance-free

  • STEP 1Apply generously before exposure to the sun (a small amount of product lowers the level of sun protection).
  • STEP 2Spray in hands before applying to face.
  • STEP 3Reapply after swimming or rubbing.
  • STEP 4Avoid contact with fabrics.

    Children's skin is delicate. Their skin barrier is thinner than that of an adult (sebum & squalene deficiency) and has a low reserve of antioxidants (the skin's natural defenses).

    Their skin is therefore more fragile, particularly when exposed to the sun, and needs to be protected and strengthened beyond protection against UV rays.

    Especially since sunburn and intense sun exposure during childhood increase the risk of skin cancer in adulthood, hence the importance of applying sun protection adapted to their needs.


    8 hours of hydration (1)

    94% Non-greasy, non-sticky (2)

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