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Brazil Nut Drink 1L

Brazil Nut Drink 1L

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    Brazil nuts in a gluten-free milk substitute drink
    The Bridge not only produces almond and hazelnut drinks, the Italian family company has also created a true speciality – a Brazil nut drink that tops your body up with the minerals it needs. Their Brazil Nut drink will also always go coffee, on your cornflakes, or added to a smoothie.

    Brazil Nuts
    Brazil nuts, which are not commonly grown, are found in Peru, Bolivia and – of course – Brazil. They contain exceptional amounts of easily-absorbable selenium, a rare but essential mineral that our bodies need. The Bridge has put the Brazil nuts into a delicious drink to make it easier to get these minerals… specially for the fans!

    A nut drink containing 80% spring water
    The Brazil nut drink contains 80% water, but of course not just any old water. This water comes straight from its mountain source in Italy. And the water matters the most when it highlights tasty nut and grain drinks.

    After water, there are also other important ingredients. What makes this drink so exceptional is the fact that it is made with Brazil nuts. The Brazil nuts are mashed into a paste and then added to the rice starch, locust bean gum, sunflower lecithin and sea salt, creating a perfect cocktail.