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Chicco Anti-mosquito Spray - 100 Ml

Chicco Anti-mosquito Spray - 100 Ml

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    • Chicco Anti-Mosquito Spray with DEET (Diethyltoluamide): The only anti-mosquito product Chicco has a natural ingredient Citrodiol, extracted from Australian eucalyptus to create the secret. The mosquitoes of Chicco, which can fight the most dangerous mosquitoes, such as the Asian Tiger Tigers (a deadly mosquito / Aedes mosquito, Zika virus to cause brain atrophy, dengue fever, encephalitis ...) . Citrodiol is widely recognized worldwide for its safety and efficacy against mosquitoes and insects.
      mosquito repellent spray chicco 100ml
      DEET is active against mosquitoes and insects, strong effects should be contraindicated in children under 2 years. Only children aged 2-12 years can use SP with DEET content of 10% or less
      chicco mosquito spray 100ml

      • Unique anti-mosquito Chicco is used by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology for safe and effective use in infants, by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and management agencies in over 100 countries (USA, Japan, EU and other countries) circulation license.
      • Absolute safety for babies from birth and mothers: Natural ingredients (non alcoholic, no coloring, no parabens) safe for newborn babies, pregnant mothers and suitable for the whole family.
      • Does not irritate the skin: it is not irritating even with sensitive skin.
      • A natural and pleasant scent, does not irritate your baby's nose.
      • chicco mosquito spray 100ml
      • After application, the drug works to protect the skin and anti-mosquito up to 3 hours, longer than other natural anti-mosquito products.
      • There are 3 types: spray, cream, roll convenient for both mother and baby.
      • Made in Italy.
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