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Chicco Manual Breast Pump Natural Feeling Step Up

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A useful aid to extend breastfeeding whilst ensuring all the effectiveness, comfort, gentleness, and practicality any mother needs.

The Natural Feeling Breast Pump with Anatomical Breast Cup provides maximum support during the delicate period of breast-feeding. 
It can be used if you have excess milk and find it difficult to empty the breast completely; it is also useful if you cannot feed baby directly, or if baby has difficulty sucking. In all cases it will help you continue to feed your own milk to your baby for longer.
It has the most innovative breast cup which covers the entire breast,ensuring milk extraction. It also guarantees maximum efficiency on every shape and size of breast.
The ultra-soft silicone membrane has a special “spiral” wavy design which massages the breast from the outer area inwards, which gently stimulates the flow of milk.
The flow regulating valve reproduces the natural sucking rhythm of the child and ensures maximum gentleness, because it allows you to select the correct suction intensity for each need and physiology of your breast.