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Chicco Microwave Sterilizer

Chicco Microwave Sterilizer

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    • Microwave sterilizer
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      Steam sterilizer. Ideal for quick disinfection in a microwave oven.

      A new line of Chicco sterilizers
      responds to the needs of mother and child. Microwave sterilizer is a device easy to use, ensuring safe and quick disinfection of baby accessories. Chicco Microwave sterilizer allows you to sterilize bottles, teats and other accessories that you want to keep in perfect hygiene.

      Why is sterilization recommended?

      Sterilization is extremely important for the health of the child. In the first year of life, his immunity is still reduced. Everything that comes in contact with his mouth must be sterilized daily to avoid intestinal or oral disorders.

      Why is it worth using a sterilizer?

      The sterilizer simplifies daily sterilization. Allows disinfection of several items simultaneously and, if necessary, protects them until the lid is lifted.

      The importance of steam

      Steam sterilization eliminates domestic germs due to high water temperature and steam purifying power without the use of chemicals. It does not leave any scents or flavors on sterilized items and does not require rinsing.

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