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Chicco Nightlight Door Gate
Chicco Nightlight Door Gate
Chicco Nightlight Door Gate

Chicco Nightlight Door Gate

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Although parents pay careful attention, thehome often presents many dangers for their little“explorer”. The Nightlight Safety Gate is suitablefor both staircases and doorways, with a width of between 75 and 82 cm.The surface has no handholds or footholdsthat the child can use for climbing. The safetygate can be fi tted without tools. It has anautoclose feature, the gate closes automaticallywhen released, so avoiding the risk of beingaccidentally left open.An additional feature is the luminescent “glowin the dark” locking buttons that help with usingthe gate at night.The gate can be fi tted with extensions to fi topenings up to a maximum of 118cm.Only one gate extension should be usedat a time.

Box Contains:
1 x Nightlight Safety Gate
1 x Instruction Manual

  • suitable for doorways and staircases
  • autoclose feature
  • glow in the dark buttons
  • gate extention can be used
  • can be fitted without tools

Dimensions:72cm X 4.20cm X 80.50cm (LxWxH)