Chicco - Perfect5 Silicone Bottle 150ml Slow Flow 0m+ - BambiniJO | Buy Online | Jordan
Chicco - Perfect5 Silicone Bottle 150ml Slow Flow 0m+ - BambiniJO | Buy Online | Jordan

Chicco - Perfect5 Silicone Bottle 150ml Slow Flow 0m+

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Food requirements, the rhythm and intensity of sucking are unique to each child and vary at any time of the day. PERFECT 5 is the Chicco bottle that adapts naturally to the baby's needs. A revolution in the anti-colic world which, thanks to the combination of the exclusive Physio teat and the innovative Equilibrium Membrane, supports the baby's physiological rhythm and intensity, helping to prevent air ingestion. The Chicco PERFECT 5 biofunctional bottle allows regular and constant breastfeeding ensuring the baby a completely natural sensation, thanks to the soft silicone teat with Soft Sense finish and the flexibility of the Equilibrium Membrane valve which with micro-movements adapts to the intensity of the baby's sucking.

What does Biofunctional mean?
PERFECT 5 senses the need of each child, adapting IMMEDIATELY AND CONTINUALLY TO THEIR PHYSIOLOGICAL SUCKING RHYTHM, offering a PROVEN ANTICOLIC EFFECT and ensuring MAXIMUM WELL-BEING during and after breastfeeding.

Why is it so innovative?
PERFECT 5 is the only bottle with the innovative intui-flow™ system: the exclusive combined action of the Physio teat and the Equilibrium Membrane, which promotes a physiological and intuitive breastfeeding, naturally supports the rhythm and intensity of sucking of each child, which are unique and variable.

The Equilibrium Membrane
The Equilibrium Membrane at the base of the bottle allows air to enter the bottle, without mixing with the milk, avoiding any vacuum for regular feeding, without interruptions.

It is a flexible and dynamic anti-colic valve that provides a personalized response to different sucking intensities thanks to its micro-movements, constantly adapting the amount of air entering the bottle according to the baby's sucking intensity.


1. Proven Anti-Colic Effect
2. Physiological Sucking Rhythm
3. Perfect Latch
4. Soft Sense Silicone
5. Maximum Hygiene.

Other Features: 
- Slow flow indicated for babies from the first day of life.
- It also guarantees maximum hygiene, since the base can be unscrewed so that cleaning all parts of the bottle is easy and fast.
- Clinically tested.
- BPA Free.