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Feeling Cards

Feeling Cards

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A portion of the proceeds go towards the AMENA foundation dedicated to helping children with Autism. 


Feelings cards 

Visual flashcards designed and hand made with love by a mother of 2 boys who's aim is to enhance the communication between parents and their children. They feed into raising independent, resilient and emotionally intelligent children and create a healthy and loving parent child relationship.

Description: Feelings Cards

- Set of 31 feelings cards allowing you to explore with your child the rich emotions that they may feel and visualize them to better identify and deal with those feelings 

- Assist in proper identification of a given feeling E.g: Jealous, excited, anxious..etc

- Assist in confronting a given feeling and rectifying it 

- Assist in allowing your child to better communicate how they feel thereby taking out the guess work 

- Hand-drawn cards double sided in both Arabic and English 

- A6 size cards : 10.5 x 14.8 cm


1. Identify when your child is going through a new or unrecognized feeling 

2. Lay out the feelings cards in front of your child 

3. Talk through each of the feelings and explain them in detail 

4. Ask the child if this feeling echoes how they currently feel 

5. Repeat until you have identified and labeled the correct feeling 

6. Work to remedy the feeling by showing a positive feeling card

7. Explain the steps to your child to both deal with their current emotion and how you intend to get to a positive emotion 

8. Use when the child is both feeling positive and negative 

9. Identify positive feelings and strive to reach them

10. Use creatively and with love 



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