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Play-Doh - Super Air Clay Bonanza

Play-Doh - Super Air Clay Bonanza

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The Play-Doh Air Clay Super Clay Bonanza Pack is the ultimate set when it comes to the awesome new Play-Doh Air Clay! This set is all about helping children embrace their creative side as they come up with all kinds of cool little sculptures that they can keep forever!

What makes Play-Doh Air Clay so awesome is that this is a very special kind of Play-Doh. The idea is that children can play and then display as this is more solid than standard Play-Doh and will harden so what they have created can last forever! The Play-Doh Air Clay Super Clay Bonanza Pack comes with 15 different colours of Play-Doh Air Clay! This is insane as it means there are no limitations to what children can create. There are some fun suggestions on the packaging such as a frog, a bee, an ice cream, and even a Play-Doh taco. Of course, children are free to make what they want, but these ideas may inspire them.

As well as the 15 packets of Play-Doh Air Clay. The Play-Doh Air Clay Super Clay Bonanza Pack comes with five different textured sets that contain a ton of different pieces that they can use to give their creations even more personality. From little coloured balls to bright little stars, children can use these to add even more creative flair to the awesome things that they have brought to life with the Play-Doh Air Clay.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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