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Preschool Flash Cards 4 Pack

Preschool Flash Cards 4 Pack

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  • Help your preschooler get ready for S-U-C-C-E-S-S!  Four colorful flash card sets in this one small package offer 4 times the learning! They’re perfect for home and classrooms. Our proven flash cards and game cards introduce essential readiness skills like counting, matching, and identifying shapes and colors. Do speed drills, play games, change it up. Take them anywhere! Learning that goes where you go—that’s The School Zone Advantage®. Scroll down to read a description of each set.

    Colors, Shapes & More Flash Cards
    9 color cards
    6 shape cards
    10 number cards
    4 directional cards
    12 go-together cards
    1 go-together list card
    12 rhyming words cards
    1 rhyming words list card
    1 parent card
    Little learners see it and say it while learning to count, rhyme, match, and more. These double-sided flash cards present rhyming words, numbers, colors, shapes, go-togethers, and directional words. Help preschoolers identify, pair together, and count with these great flash cards.
    Ages 3-up

    Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards
    26 picture cards
    26 number cards
    2 symbol cards
    2 parent cards
    Little ones get plenty of practice in early math skills. Have fun reading each number symbol (“2”), number word (“two”), and picture representation (two bees). Once children master their numbers, they can use the symbol cards (-, +, and =) to create fun math equations.
    Ages 4-6

    Old Maid Numbers Game Cards
    49 game cards
    6 number cards
    1 parent card  
    Have you ever seen 6 pigs wearing wigs? Old Maid is a learning card game full of numbers and rhyming fun for the whole family. Collect the most matches of numbers with numerals to win (just don't get stuck with the Old Maid)! Pick and match these colorful number cards (as in 8 turtles... with eight turtles jumping hurdles).
    Ages 4-up

    Numbers, Colors & Shapes Puzzle Cards
    54 puzzle cards
    2 parent cards
    Put three cards in order to complete each puzzle and read the simple sentence. There are 18 full-color puzzles that will have your little one counting numbers, identifying colors, and recognizing animal pictures and names, like “eighteen black ants.” Flip the cards over for 18 more puzzles, this time revealing a short sentence with a number, adjective, and shape!
    Ages 4-up

    Preschool Flash Cards 4-PackDetails

    • Product# 04044
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-601-59934-6
    • Contents: 4 flash card sets, 224 flash cards
    • Size: 6.25" x 5.3125" x 1.6875"
    • Ages 4+
    • Brand: School Zone
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