Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment
Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment

Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment

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Whether you’re prone to blemishes or have innately dry skin, and whether you’re 20 or 80 years young, we all want the same thing: youthfully resilient, luminous, makeup-optional skin.

One of the most important ways to achieve a glowing, healthy-looking complexion is by ensuring your skin’s moisture levels are balanced—and this all starts in the skin barrier (more on this below).

We meticulously formulated our Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment to ensure dehydration doesn’t wreak havoc on skin. Note that even oily skin types can experience water loss, which is why you still need to moisturize.

The Importance and Function of the Skin Barrier (and Why Making Sure It’s Healthy Is Key)

 Now let’s talk for a moment about the skin barrier. Also known as the lipid barrier, it’s the outermost layer of your skin that functions to keep skin well hydrated, soft and firm. It achieves this in part by reducing the amount of water that skin loses, preventing moisturizing substances from leaking out and shielding against the entrance of harmful elements.

When the skin barrier becomes damaged by factors like harsh skincare treatments or overly high heat or dry air, its weakened state causes dryness, flaking, irritation and redness. Most people have experienced this at least once after overzealous exfoliating, using an abrasive topical product or stepping into extreme weather.

In its new dehydrated state, skin then experiences a condition of low-grade chronic inflammation, which speeds up the visibility of aging signs like wrinkles and sagging.

royal jelly night time rejuvenation treatment Pure power ingredients!

How Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment Strengthens the Skin Barrier and Restores Skin to Youthful Vitality

Our brand-new Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment works hard all night long to replenish hydration by bathing skin in barrier-strengthening, age-defying nutrients. Formulated to fight the manifestation of aging, this heavenly treatment is power-packed with three honeybee hive ingredients: nourishing royal jelly, hydrating honey, and protective propolis. The formula is then boosted by botanical oils and extracts, including olive, sunflower, watermelon, lentil, and apple.

Since skin care is also about the ritual, we made sure the texture was silky and luxurious, but also absorbent (you can feel your skin drink it up!).

Now let’s get familiar with our key ingredients, shall we?

Royal Jelly is the most valuable of all the hive’s components thanks to its richness of proteins and vitamins that extinguish dryness and shield the skin barrier. In fact, our founder calls royal jelly the “Cinderella” substance since it can transform a worker bee into a queen and extend her life by 40 times! For beautiful skin, royal jelly is a must.

sbc_nighttime-treatment_bottle_front_sm Use nightly for short- and long-term skin metamorphosis!

Honey is another overachieving honeybee substance, as it hydrates, fights bacteria, and infuses nutrients into the skin. Use honey for ultimate nourishment and a natural luminosity.

Propolis is made by honeybees and is comprised of plant resins and beeswax. Acting as the hive’s “immune system,” propolis exhibits antibacterial properties while protecting skin from aging factors thanks to its rich antioxidant powers. Propolis also encourages skin cell regeneration, which is essential for plump, uplifted skin.

Apple Fruit Extract bursts with vitamin C and natural acids that help even out your complexion, brighten overall skin tone, and add a glowing boost to your visage.

Watermelon Extract is best known for its remarkable ability to guard skin cells against UV-induced damage. (Remember, UV rays are the top source of aging!)

Olive Fruit Oil is very high in the healing antioxidant vitamin E as well as oleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that absorbs easily and replenishes dryness. On top of that, this luxurious oil also attracts moisture from the environment into the skin.

Lentil Fruit Extract bursts with vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid), which penetrates deeply into skin to infuse hydration, soothe, soften, and effectively minimize the appearance of wrinkles. On top of that, vitamin B5 promotes cell regeneration while delivering anti-inflammatory benefits. Lentil Fruit extract also protects and conditions skin.

How to Use the Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment

After cleansing, pump your desired amount of the formula into your hand and massage gently into your face. Use nightly for short- and long-term skin metamorphosis!